“Entrepreneurship” come from the French “entrepreneur,” a person’s attitude and aptitude to undertake a new project by means of ideas and opportunities. The goal is to have a positive impact and be sustainable (in economic, environmental, and social terms), transforming the world by solving either large or niche problems.

The food and wood chain of value, from the production sector to the end consumer, is an excellent source of entrepreneurial opportunity, just like developing new projects in rural and coastal areas. This is even more so, given changes in consumption habits today, as well as opportunities and benefits on the horizon for conducting one’s professional activity in rural and coastal areas. This is why we want to help you to promote your ideas, fomenting entrepreneurship as a springboard for economic and social transformation in the Basque Country.

Opportunities don’t just come. You create them. Step up…spring into action…we’ll help you…

If you are working on an idea for a new company or line of business at your company, of any kind, that you want to establish in a rural area, or you are considering an ideal related to food or wood, please contact ONekin!. We have a comprehensive accompaniment programme that is 100% personalised for your needs and your reality. It can help you to grow and successfully take root.

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